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Bessie Manygoats, 1905?-1953

Bessie Manygoats, 1905?-1953

Bessie Manygoats, 1905?-1953

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Here is a Navajo magnum opus.

This rug measures 61" x 83", c. 1930's, excellent condition with repair, appears on p. 126 of "The Master Weavers", Plate 20.

Bessie's work displays a tireless fountain of creativity. Her design instincts can be found in the rugs of Mary Yanabah Curley. A 3 column of Mary's is included here to show the similarities and development. Beethoven built on Mozart, Bessie built on Mary Yanabah.

Many of the design elements in this rug come from Mary Yanabah but Bessie's mastery of arranging them is Navajo weaving genius. This rug draws strongly from the early Bear Clan pieces that are variants of J. B. Moore Plates. The tridents on either center/side come from Moore's Plate 27. Take a moment to analyse all of the connected elements that comprise the center diamond and it's border. Unbelieveble!