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Bessie Manygoats, 1905?-1953

Bessie Manygoats, 1905?-1953

Bessie Manygoats, 1905?-1953

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This textile measures 58" x 84", hand-spun yarn, no dye, excellent/very good condition (slight sun-fading on one side, minor floor wear) c. 1930's, woven by Legendary Master Weaver Bessie Manygoats.

Bessie's creativity was, perhaps, her greatest strength. Look at her body of work that appears in "The Master Weavers" by Mark Winter and there is only one layout that is repeated. Her designs begin as unique derivatives of the Bear Clan work and she builds from there.

Bessie's body of work demonstrates a wide creative range and this rug helps prove the point. We have not seen a dominant single diamond like this by her. Neither have we seen a color palette this neutral, nor any weaving with no black.

The preparation of the wool meets her legendary standards and the execution of the designs is laser-like. This rug is more evidence supporting her alpha status.