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Laguna Olla, 4 color, c. 1875-85

Laguna Olla, 4 color, c. 1875-85

Laguna Olla, 4 color, c. 1875-85


This Laguna/Acoma olla measures 11.5" x 13", native clay and paints, 4 colors, c. 1875-85, excellent condition with ethnographic wear, artist unknown.

This water jar has a medley of traditional designs, both abstract and representational. The neck has flowers and leaves or vines while the 6 panels on the body have "bat" like elements in the upper left and lower right corners. There are bisected diagonal rectangles in the thin panels separating the larger ones.

It is a wonderfully formed ceramic and the painting reveals a confident hand. The "puki" in the lower region helps to date it. The ethnographic wear (some surface abrasion, 2 minor rim chips) tells us it served in a Laguna/Acoma families' home for many years. Like most Laguna/Acoma wares, it does ring when struck.

This is a worthy addition to any advanced collection of Native pottery. It could also be as a single spectacular example!