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Laguna/Acoma, c. 1880's

Laguna/Acoma, c. 1880's

Laguna/Acoma, c. 1880's

This Laguna/Acoma olla measures 9.5" x 12", native clay and paints, excellent condition, c. 1880's, artist unknown.

The knowledgeable people I have spoken to about this jar claim it is a Laguna piece. However, if Dwight Lanmon says he can't tell the difference between the two, I'm not going to claim it! Dwight and Frank Harlow wrote a 600 page book on Acoma pottery and they should know.

Regardless, it is a beautiful, historic ceramic. It features abstract and floral designs, a classic shape and the thin-walled construction expected of the region.

This would have been one of the first pieces made after the new train passed through Acoma land and changed their lives and pottery forever.