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Classic 3rd Phase Chief's Blanket, c. 1860

Classic 3rd Phase Chief's Blanket, c. 1860

Classic 3rd Phase Chief's Blanket, c. 1860

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This 3rd Phase Chief's blanket measures 56" x 70", hand-spun Churro white, black and indigo, several shades of dye-tested, cochineal bayeta, green bars of natural yellow dye in an indigo bath, excellent condition, artist unknown, c. 1860.

The date of this blanket is predicated on a photograph of a similar blanket on p. 210, Plate 61 of "Blanket Weaving in the Southwest" by Dr. Joe Ben Wheat, edited by Anne Hedlund. The artistic instincts exhibited in that blanket are sufficiently similar to attribute this piece to the same weaver. That blanket was collected in Sioux country in the early 1860's, i.e. before Bosque Redondo. Thus the assumption of c.1860 for this piece.

The assumption of pre-Bosque Redondo leads to the conclusion that it is woven with Churro wool. It also has the feel of Churro wool. The simple layout of full, half and quarter terraced diamonds is indicative of the Classic period. Many of the more ornamental variations on the Chief's blanket occurred after the Navajo's return from imprisonment in Bosque.

Of the several shades of red bayeta the weaver saved the darkest plum colored material for what would have been the collar. The effect is the dramatic impression desired in Navajo formal wear, know commonly as the Chief's blanket.

This is an exquisite example of Classic Navajo blanket weaving. Larger photo files are available if you wish to get a closer look at it.