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Mancos Creek, c. 1940's

Mancos Creek, c. 1940's

Mancos Creek, c. 1940's

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This image is displayed for one researching obscure weaving regions. Mancos Creek is one.

This Navajo rug measures 58" x 90", natural hand-spun yarn, natural white, black and gray, all other colors hand-dyed, c. 1940's, excellent/mint condition, artist unknown.

This rug is listed as a Red Mesa because that is what most people would identify it as. It comes from the little known "Mancos Creek" region of Colorado. George Bloomfield operated the Toadlena Trading Post from 1911 until 1942. Soon after selling the Post to his daughter and son-in-law he became restless to get back into the Navajo rug business and opened a Post near Mancos Creek and Highway 160 to Cortez, CO. This rug is a textbook example of the style he developed. Properly termed it is a Mancos Creek style of a Teec Nos Pos outline.

I have seen one other similar rug and assumed it was a Red Mesa or Teec Nos Pos. Mark Winter filled me in on this obscure weaving region.

This rug was honored in "Jewels of the Navajo Loom." Ruth Belikove exhibited her collection of Teec Nos Pos rugs at the Museum of Indian Art and Culture in Santa Fe, NM in 2003.