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Bessie Manygoats, 1905?-1953

Bessie Manygoats, 1905?-1953

Bessie Manygoats, 1905?-1953

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This piece of woven Navajo art measures 48" x 75", c. 1930's, excellent condition, by Legendary Master Weaver Bessie Manygoats.

This is a magnificent piece of art. It just happens to be a Navajo rug. That is how I see it. It may be the most beautiful Navajo rug I have ever seen.

It had one owner from the 1930's until Mark Winter purchased it (after 15 years of "courtship") about 2015. It shows no signs of ever being on a floor.

I have owned many rugs by Bessie and seen even more and this one is creatively unique. There are two others that bear remote similarity in design or execution but it is unique in her body of work. While Bessie's execution and preparation of the wool are masterful, creativity was her greatest strength and this is a work of creative genius.