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Teec Nos Pos, c. 1930

Teec Nos Pos, c. 1930

Teec Nos Pos, c. 1930

Price: $9,200.00

This Navajo rug from Teec Nos Pos measures 51" x 91", hand-spun yarn, natural white, black, brown, tan all other colors are hand-dyed, c. 1930, excellent condition, artist unknown.

In the early days of regional Navajo rug weaving the artists were scratching for designs to use in this new art form. JB Moore made his contribution but that still left much undone. In this rug the weaver has taken 2 images from Navajo mythology and incorporated them into a white guy's rug. The two crosses are Spider Woman Cross variants and the elements on either side are dragonfly images from sand-paintings.
The result is a charming bit of eye candy.

These qualities and the unique border reveal that she wasn't just a crafts-person, she was an artist.