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Dextra Quotskuvya

Dextra Quotskuvya

Dextra Quotskuvya

Price: $1,950.00

This Hopi miniature measures 2.15" x 3.15", native clay and paints, c. 1980, excellent condition, by Dextra Quotskuvya (1928-).

Dextra is the granddaughter of legendary master potter Nampeyo of Hano. Much of what can be said about her body of work is in the title of the book about Dextra by Martha (Marti) Struever: "Painted Perfection."

This piece presents the "migration" design Nampeyo was asked to make by Lorenzo Hubble. It became one of the few full designs Nampeyo repeated, due to it's popularity. Much of Dextra's work is derivative of her grandmother's but she had her own creativity and a precise execution few ceramicists can achieve.

I counted 42 hatch lines per inch in part of this tiny masterpiece.