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Teec Nos Pos, c. 1930

Teec Nos Pos, c. 1930

Teec Nos Pos, c. 1930

Price: $5,800.00


This Teec Nos Pos rug measures 51” x 87”, hand-spun yarn, hand-dyed red, yellow, turquoise, orange, green, dark green, copper, all other colors are natural, c. 1930, excellent condition, artist unknown.

This rug appears to be another great Teec Nos Pos from the first third of the 20th century, which it is. Closer inspection reveals the hand of an astute artist. Double borders are common in great Teec rugs, this one has three. The white background for the center panel creates strong contrast to make her main statement. The weaver uses an elongated single diamond with Klagetoh hooks that were characteristic of the Ganado/Hubble region. Then she hovers open, half diamonds on either end of it. These are gray/beige but the white negative space between them create a fascinating design with the “T” in the center. This is another clear example of how Navajo artists think very lucidly in negative space.

The weaver also outlines every design element in the rug with another color. The second border of the inter-locking claws is outlined with orange and green.

The last detail I find enjoyable is the small red, yellow and blue diamond at the center of the elongated diamond. Other than this element the weaver uses large scale “strokes.” But she shifts dramatically to very fine serrations for the “crescendo.” It is like a piece of music with soft, slow ½ notes and ¼ notes throughout but right at the end the composer ends with a dramatic flourish of 32nd and 64th notes.

This is a well conceived piece of woven Navajo art. Enjoy!