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Hubble, c. 1890's

Hubble, c. 1890's

Hubble, c. 1890's

Price: $5,500.00

This early Ganado rug measures 56" x 83", hand-spun yarn, hand-dyed red, c. 1890's, excellent condition, some dye fading on the border, c. 1890's artist unknown.

This is the 4th Navajo rug in 20 years I can claim would/may have passed through Lorenzo Hubble's hands. The color palette, design and age all point to the Hubble Trading Post in Ganado, AZ.

The Hubble Revival aimed to revive the Classic garment designs. This very cleverly makes one rug from the back of 5 Serapes. Note the horizontal photo of the piece and see that 3 of the Serape backs have white outlines and 2 have red. This can go to another level. The Serape design is a 5 banded, 2 come around the front, 2 down the sides, 1 down the back. That's exactly how this is laid out. So it is a Serape of serape backs, made into a rug!

The quality of the wool in the rug is very soft, more like that of a blanket instead of a rug. This could push the date earlier. The basic point is this a very early Navajo rug. If you are looking for a "classic Navajo rug", this could be it.