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Nampeyo bowl, c. 1910

Nampeyo bowl, c. 1910

Nampeyo bowl, c. 1910

This Hopi bowl measures 3" x 9.25", native clay and paints, excellent condition, c. 1910, attributed to Nampeyo of Hano.

Nampeyo is one of 3 legendary Native potters. Maria Martinez and Margaret Tafoya are the other two. Nampeyo's body of work exhibits the greatest creative range.

This piece is typical of her Sityatki revival wares. The abstracted avian images are the strongest indication of this. She also uses familiar designs, those being tail feathers, wing feathers, beaks, cross-hatching. She includes the "Koshari" image as seen from above. It also has a Fred Harvey tag. If you can go back to c. 1910, you can get this bowl for $3.25!

"When I first began to paint, I used to go to the ancient village and pick up pieces of pottery and copy the designs. That is how I learned to paint. But now I just close my eyes and see designs and I paint them." Nampeyo c. 1920's