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Nampeyo Pollaca, c. 1880's

Nampeyo Pollaca, c. 1880's

Nampeyo Pollaca, c. 1880's

This Hopi seed jar measures 4.5" x 10", native clay and paints, excellent condition, c. 1880's by Legendary Master Native potter, Nampeyo of Hano, 1859?-1942.

Nampeyo is one of three Legendary Native potters. The other two are Maria Martinez, the best known, and Margaret Tafoya. The creative range of Nampeyo's work distinguishes her from the other two. This is one of her early pieces, before she became famous. It has a Pollaca slip which puts it in the 1880's. It also has abstract Sikyatki designs. Sikyatki is typically thought of as avian imagery but some was abstract.

The early work of this genius artist are highly prized and hard to find. This is a wonderful example that expresses the ancient roots of her inspiration.

"When I first began to paint, I used to go to the ancient village and pick up pieces of pottery and copy the designs. That is how I learned to paint. But now I just close my eyes and see designs and I paint them." Nampeyo c. 1920's