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c. 1920 Transitional

c. 1920 Transitional

c. 1920 Transitional

Price: $2,450.00

This Navajo rug measures 55" x 89", hand-spun yarn, hand-dyed red, orange and black, c. 1920, excellent condition, artist unknown.

There is an appealing conflict in this rug: sophisticated conception-funky execution. The weaver displays a strong understanding of the design elements from her lifetime. There are Classic serapes top and bottom of the central panel of the rug. These, presumably, are from her youth. Yet there are 2 borders, the outermost is derived from the Toadlena/Two Grey Hills in the late 1910's, early 1920's. The other border is a Spider Woman cross derivative.

So, there is this broad range of imagery woven in very inexact way. Sizes vary, backgrounds sway, half-diamonds should match up but don't. Lines should be straight but stretch and meander. THIS is what is enjoyable about the rug, the sophisticated conception with the funky execution. If you want a "perfect" rug, this ain't it! This is more a Van Gogh than a photograph.

The upside to the funkiness is the price is much lower than if she had executed it as well as she dreamed it up.