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Chief's rug, c. 1910

Chief's rug, c. 1910

Chief's rug, c. 1910

Price: $6,200.00

This Navajo rug measures 57" x 69", hand-spun yarn, dyed red and some of the black appears to be dyed, all other colors are natural, excellent condition, c. 1910, artist unknown.

The Chief's blanket was an iconic Native textile of the 19th century. They have been collected from Central America to Canada and were highly prized as status symbols. This textile is derived from the 3rd Phase Chief's blanket but is woven as a rug.

It follows the Classic layout of a band on the top, a band on the bottom, a band in the middle, separated by three white and two black bands. The "third phase" style includes one full diamond, four half diamonds and four quarter diamonds.