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Zia olla, c. 1880's

Zia olla, c. 1880's

Zia olla, c. 1880's

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This Zia water jar measures 9.75" x 11, native clay and paints, excellent ethnographic condition, c. 1880's, artist unknown.

I love this jar! It stimulates the imagination to think of the Zia Pueblo family that used this vessel to store water for many decades, probably generations. This is a piece of aboriginal, ethnographic art whose primary purpose was to hold water, the beauty was a close second.

The condition is identified as "excellent ethnographic condition" in spite of the wear. The fact that it survived in one piece is nearly miraculous. So it wears it's scars of time with great pride and memory.

Technically, it is masterfully drawn, painted and formed. The Rainbow Bands are borrowed from Acoma jars and the birds are archetypically Zia. There are 3 of them and each one has a little different personality.

My apologies for the "hot spots" on the fotos. They were unavoidable.